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What’s Going On #08: Burnout!


 Woopsie-! Hello there, visitor. It’s been a while, hehe. How’ve you been? 😋 It’s still summer vacation over here and very exhausting too. I haven’t been anywhere to be honest but I’ve been reading articles, listening to indie music, and watching countless movies! girlboss_xlg.jpgI already lose track of how many I’ve watched and one of them is my highly recommended Netflix’s original “Girlboss”. I don’t know if you’ve already heard of it, but dang! It’s really good you have to check it out; and quick! FACT: I’ve already repeated the whole series thrice and still can’t get over it. Dear me, this break’s killing me- HAHA!

One more thing about the show. It’s not old, but also not new. It’s golden! 💛

There’s not much happening lately, but I’ll keep posted just in case. #YOLO! While I was at it I was also watching Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and some anime. It’s what I do when I get too much free time. Yep, very unproductive.

I’ve been practicing my digital handwriting and calligraphy, which is the “Burnout” sign above and the title card. What do you think? Does IT look good? Do you have any tips on calligraphy? Tell me please? Just comment down below. It will be much appreciated.

Also, I took random photos of myself… EDIT: For entertainment purpose only. 😆

Just enjoying myself. Why do I look so good on these photos anyway? 😂 Filter anyone?

Posted 5/8/2017 12:20AM


9 thoughts on “What’s Going On #08: Burnout!

  1. Hell yeah, Girlboss is givin’ life! Sophia is everything and she is very inspiring! She taught me lot of things and maybe I’ll write a blog about it soon if there’s a chance. I love her so much… in case I die hahah! And about your selfies, the braided one is so cute for real hahaha!

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    1. 💕😄 That’s the spirit. I’ve learned so much just by watching Girlboss kaya halos hindi ko tantanan, tsaka ang dami kasing Easter Eggs sa show kapag binantayan mo lang ng mabuti. Hindi ako makamoveon sa best friend niya, lol.

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    1. Oh my! To be honest with you my summer vacation ended a long time ago, June. I wasn’t able to update for the past months due to the hectic schedule and all sorts of necessary schoolworks; and since I’m an upcoming college student next school year I had to focus more on my studies to improve my GPA (somehow). I felt a little guilty to your comment and it’s not a bad thing at all, of course. Anyway, thank you so much for checking out my blog. Have a wonderful day too.

      PS: I have to do some explaining, haha. ❤


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