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Benefits of Blogging | JANUARY Favorites! πŸ’£ #interesting

Hello y’all! Due to my absence I almost forgot that I manage a blog, lol- Please forgive me with that. School’s been pretty hectic. The lessons were hard; so was the exams, and my hair’s really long now so I might need a haircut really soon! Teehee-Β πŸ˜‚ Okay. Actually, no. I was just around, reading…… Continue reading Benefits of Blogging | JANUARY Favorites! πŸ’£ #interesting

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Fitting IN! / #ReallyBusy πŸ£

I’ve been asking myself a lot about life, priorities, responsibilities, future plans, and self. I guess depriving yourself to a lot of things leaves you feel really empty and unsatisfied. I made a lot of decisions,Β and the first thing that I needed was- I must know where to begin. The worst thing that’s ever happened…… Continue reading Fitting IN! / #ReallyBusy πŸ£