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What’s Going On #07: Long Walks and Photographs ☀️ ft. Ugly

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” -George Sand


I haven’t seen the sun for quite some time until yesterday that’s why me and my friend decided to head out to do long walks and take photos while we’re at it. Ooh! I’m starting to miss schooldays, but not the schoolwork, silly me. 😎

What happened yesterday was I came over to my friend’s house to hang-out, but within a short period of time our boredom strikes. The sun’s out, blasting, and was about to scorch everything it sees. You have no idea how hot it is yesterday unless you’re within the area, haha! So what we did was go outside, went under the shade of trees, then started taking  random photos.

I think my photos are getting better and better every time I check, don’t you think? My ego. 😂


This post will never be complete without me putting an aesthetic photo, and that’s for sure. HAHA! I’m in-love with this photo of my friend standing under the magical floating bunch of fleurs. I regret it. I should’ve asked him to do the same thing for me because now that I’m seeing the result I’m beginning to drown with envy. /sigh/ 😭

Oh well, there’s always a “next time”. I’m looking forward to our next meeting. That’ll be his birthday, and we’ll be making YouTube videos soon.

Listen to this masterpiece by an awesome band I found yesterday. Keepin’ it Lo and Fi. 🌼

Posted 4/19/2017 11:30AM


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