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What’s Going ON!? #06 // February Favorites, WattPad, & more! 🎸

Hello there again! How’s it going, mate?


I’ve been having so much fun amidst these crises and busy schedules-! Well, ya’know it’s not all fun and games because I’ve been working my ass off. Responsibilities, they’re everywhere; school, blog, chores… it’s never convenient. Well, meh- I haven’t done many of activities online recently except for tweeting and liking photos on Instagram, but you know what? My “crazy real-life life” was actually amazing. I feel so alive right now and I’m a little happy!

We’ve done several of performing, going places, hanging-out; and I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of cool things too, ehem! Sing Street, P!ATD, Mars Argo, Poppy… etc.

During these past few weeks I’ve been very-very-very busy with school, sort of. It gets pretty annoying when the teachers pull everything at once. Of course you’ve heard this before- but you know what? It’s still A N N O Y I N G.

This time I’m not even messing around when I say B U S Y. The school year’s ending really soon and summer’s approaching. We’ve got tons of projects, home works, papers-papers-papers, researches, defenses. Girl, we need FREEDOM too, lol.

What’s worse is that most of it are things that I either hardly understand or can’t understand at all. Well, you can say that it’s not suppose to be fun- but you know what? My relationship with these people got deeper; which I’ve never imagined that would happen. We’re all different people but everybody was very supportive and encouraging to each other, group-mates or not: which is also awesome. It was a competition but everyone acted as a group.

Hey! Have you been around? Have I told you that I’ve been practicing my photography skills so much lately? Of course you’ve heard about it-! You’ve been around right?

These are the photos I took of my classmates when they were chosen to perform for finale. These are also posted at my Flickr account.

Even though our own group wasn’t chosen to perform on the same stage where they did we’re still glad that they were given the highest honor for that competition. Well, it’s like we’ve won too, besides we’re on the same team anyway.

What do you think? Did I improved? Please comment down below. 👏

[ February Favorites ]

February was a productive month for me. Though really busy, I still managed to do and try a couple of interesting things- Let’s head to what’sIMG_3336.JPG this section all about. One of my most favorite things during February was this cat-face postcard Mitzi gave me. She said that it was from a store called Papemelroti, which is great- By the way, the store’s easy to find if you’re around my area or Metro Manila because they’re literally everywhere.

I named it Lucille, after my beloved late black kitten- I’m missing her so much.

Another one of my favorite things last month was

wattpadmy WattPad, lol. I’ve been writing and reading a lot recently, not just novels but also other people’s and my followers blog articles for inspiration- I get really inspired by other their literature so much. Things that pushes me to go further and see through a different perspective. I learn so much from everyone and I believe that it’ll continue for the long run. Please check out my on-going novel “Lost Child”.

Hey! have you ever heard of Mars ArgoDid you know that she’s an amazing singer and person? Her aesthetic is awesome and so was her music “Runaway Runaway” and “Using You”. Yeah, she looks like Harley Quinn from Batman- and I hope she returns and continue making more soon.

And lastly, this photo.img_3315

I know it’s a plain photo of a house with trees under it with pastel sky and blah blah- but it’s giving me something I can’t explain. As if it’s communicating with me and it’s creepy. A little backstory to this. I took this photo after our school practice- I think it was around 5PM or so. I was feeling really happy and reminiscent; the sunset was all pretty, the shadows were also pretty- everything was pretty. We’re about to go home that time but I took the chance to take a photo of this house- She’s feeling a bit lonely… but if you look closer, she looks very happy. I don’t know how to explain it so yeah- lol. It’s not a RAW Image so I don’t know.

 “This is life, Conor. Drive it like you stole it.” -Brendan, Sing Street (2016)

This will be the song of my March- enjoy. 💛

Posted 03/05/2017 08:00PM

NOTE: I didn’t liked the first title card GIF I made so I replaced it with a better one. Enjoy the Lo-fi as much as I do, hehe- Keep smiling. 🙂

In case you’re wondering what it looked like here you go, lol.




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