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Benefits of Blogging | JANUARY Favorites! 💣 #interesting


loveHello y’all! Due to my absence I almost forgot that I manage a blog, lol- Please forgive me with that. School’s been pretty hectic. The lessons were hard; so was the exams, and my hair’s really long now so I might need a haircut really soon! Teehee- 😂

Okay. Actually, no. I was just around, reading lots of articles about life, music, plants, and what to write for you. So, what I want to talk about today are the benefits of blogging… in my point-of-view.


Making oneself productive and engaged with social media at the same time is a struggle. As a teenager, I find it really difficult to manage interest, career, and social interaction. Some days you’ll find things interesting, but most days not. Well, you see… maybe we’re all teenagers after all.  😂😭

Quitting Facebook was the first and the hardest step to do. Keeping in mind I won’t be able to contact most of my friends anymore, that I’ll miss every second and every single moment of their lives, but meh- that’s not the case. After quitting, I suddenly felt the urge to just swallow my pride and just return to Facebook- but no. The feeling of emptiness that’s devouring you from leaving something behind was the worse- but you know what? I’ve realized that to gain something is to lose something. So, I thought of an idea-! Why not start blogging? And then months flew by…

 Blogging was the best resort after all. Why? because the answer is “Why not?!”.

The journey of blogging isn’t as smooth as what other people speak of. Often times you’ll get creativity and mental block where you’d feel very uninspired and feel stuck in-between 500 gigantic boulders and 500 stonewalls. Also, writing good contents for your readers is like cooking for your family. You have to make sure first that you’ll eat the dish yourself that you’ve made before serving it to them. Yes, maybe it’s not that hard- but it’s still hard!

Blogging taught me a lot of things and maybe it’s time for me to share it with you. Here are the things that I’d barely realize on my own and things that I’d never know if I never found out about blogging.

1. “Chase your dreams and do something.”

Blogging had changed my perspective in life so much (in a good way) that I barely recognize it any more. It taught me about how our aspirations work and that we must do actions for it to come true. There’s no other way for us to know unless we sacrifice something, to run for a cause, to hope that there’s a pot waiting for us at the end of the rainbows we chase. Always remember this quote, “to risk is to gain”.

2. Patience, Passion, and Productivity / 3P’s

This is very self explanatory, lol. Making content is hard so you’d need patience… because patience is key. Repetition made my patience better. You have no idea how many drafts I’ve deleted already just to make better contents since you’ll never know and I’ll never tell.

Passion. You have to be passionate about the things and the contents that you’re sharing to others, otherwise it won’t turn out great- like this post; just kidding.

Passion makes everything better. Like if you’re passionate about cooking or baking, then you’ll make good food or pastries- if you’re passionate about painting and crafting, then you’ll make a masterpiece. Me, I’m passionate of writing and sharing things. Everything revolves around passion. Do you see it now?

And lastly, Productivity. It taught me to be productive, creative, and be competitive all the time. I’ve learned to be more meticulous when it comes to artistry, outcomes, and effort- but still… we must keep the value of “quality over quantity”.

3. To be kind to YOURSELF and to other people

With blogging, you’d learn self-worth because you’re putting yourself at the center of your own stage. You know every corner, you own every minute, you own everything; and nobody will be kind to you if you’re not kind to yourself.

Also, you’ll encounter a lot of nice and friendly people who will comment nice thing, and only nice things (so far) on your blog posts. So, to build your own community you must be aware that you’ll have to reply to most of them (if not all). BE kind to everyone, and they’ll be kind to you- hehe. 😊

4. To STAY TRUE and BE YOU-!

The most special lesson/benefit that you’ll learn. You’ll know that everything you do is NOT for everybody. It doesn’t only apply to blogging, but also to our daily lives.

Basically, you’re doing things for you and for the people who loves you, yes- you MUST enjoy, where you can be you and be true to yourself. You  know that you don’t need other people’s approval to say you’re doing this or that the right way- because you know what? You must do it YOUR WAY. 💪

-[ JANUARY Favorites ! ! ! ]-

pinterest.gifaesthetic.gifPinterest, Tumblr, and Tumblr Aesthetic Photos. Yes-! Who doesn’t like these things anyway? I’ve been practicing taking photos lately and posting it to my Instagram account that you can find on the right side of my blog page if you’re interested. Please check out my Pinterest and Tumblr accounts by clicking the blinking photos above.

One last thing, I found this amazing musician on Bandcamp names spookyghostboy / Austin Thomas. His song “So Low” is my January’s favorite.

Let’s support him guys by listening to his music- Here you go. Enjoy.


Posted 1:09AM 1/31/2017



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