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🎊 Thank You! / #YearEndDare2016 🎉


“Years are like theatrical films. Once you’re done watching one here comes another one.”
– J. Luna, 2016

Our dearest 2016 is ending and we should be happy about it.

Of course, all good things must come to an end- but what’s good about it is that were entering another year which is 2017. Our world will  take a ride for another round of revolution around the sun, yay! It’s really amazing to think that the world spins without us noticing it. It’s like day now, then later it’s dark again. Likewise, the next day’s the same. Lovely as it is, right? It is.

As the world take its turns and when the nights are longer, days passes by and we’re watching while counting it. Everyday is an opportunity for us to live it. Some are working their asses off the whole day on offices and other forms of establishments possible even during the weekends. Some studies science, algebra, languages, and knock themselves out to get good marks on their report cards- oh! that’s school, lol; some enjoys luxury, some are busy scrolling up and down on their mobile devices; some does sports, and some strives to make opportunities for themselves to survive. Everybody’s busy working on all sorts of stuffs and most of the time we’re not given any chance to reflect on ourselves. Now that the year’s ending, have you thought of it? I do.

“The night’s sky and the twinkling stars are shining above me. I can’t be dreaming because I’m wide awake- although my eyes are dead tired and swollen.”

2016’s been a lovely year. There’s a lot of things that happened to me and they’re both happy and sad. A lot of lessons had been learned. Tons of things to be thankful for- and I’m still hoping that there’s more to come.

“Days are more depressing if you’d think they are- so don’t…”. The most common words that pops out of my head just randomly all year round. These are not the most positive words that you’d ever hear on your entire life but they worked majestically for me every single time.

forgiving.gifPOSITIVE ENERGY is the only thing that should bathe us and there’s no excuse for us to feel sad regardless because there’s more to life that we know it. Think of it. You have a roof above you and you got clothes to wear. The lights are working properly- and you got clean water to drink, (except you liked it dirty), duh? That’s one thing that I’ve realized. Be thankful for everything you have including your friends, family, aspirations, your achievements, and your life. All roads aren’t the same. Some roads are smooth and some aren’t- just like life, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not getting to where you’re headed, unless you give up trying. You’re always bigger than your problems- and that’s the truth. Be grateful.

“Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re losing.”

Me and my friends made up our relationship recently because we’ve finally realized that we value and love each other for real. I’ve learned that I should’ve never let my anger get into my head because some things are better left unsaid, and to never make decisions when I’m mad because it’ll only lead to more and more problems that I’ll end up regretting after. I love you guys if you’re reading this. 🙂

Last thing is to value oneself. It’s never too wrong to love somebody, but it’s wrong to put all the love in the world to one specific person and not leave any for yourself. To know where your grounds are and to know where you stand is what really matters. Some things deserve boundaries or limits that you call to protect yourself from frustrations and heartaches. Not all favors are returned, like our feelings.

I’ve learned that putting yourself first is what matters most. I’ve been battling for so long to find love from someone else but I’ve never thought to my head that I’ve been here for myself the longest time. I’ve realized that you can have fun with your own company- and I’m not saying that getting in a relationship is bad. Loving is never bad- but loving yourself first is the most essential part of it.

This year 2016 is the year that I’ve found most of myself.

2016 is the year that I’ve started making blog posts and share my ideas to the world. The year that I showed how unique I am as a person and as a writer. I found Radiohead’s beyond reality type of music as well, and I’ve watched a lot of amazing films and series. I ate foods that I’ve never tried before, *coughs* Vietnamese and Chinese foods, and I’ve also started taking better quality photos that you can find on my Instagram. I’ve graduated JHS, and I’ve been to a beach. I’m so proud of my year- it’s been really productive. I’m so looking forward for 2017. I’m sure it’ll be better than this year because that YouTube career’s on the process. It’s taking a bit too long though, lol- but it’ll follow.

To the beautiful people who had been part of my most colorful year so far. To the people that matters most- my family, my WordPress friends, my real-life friends- and myself. Have yourself a wonderful New Year everyone.

I’d love to hear about yours. I dare you to make a blog post about it and tag me. Use #YearEndDare2016. 🙂

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Posted 12/31/2016 08:02AM

NOTE: I hope you’ll listen to this awesome song.


10 thoughts on “🎊 Thank You! / #YearEndDare2016 🎉

  1. Oh my gosh, I love that song and acoustic guitar and lyrics! This song and voice remind me of Neil Young.

    Quote: Last thing is to value oneself. It’s never too wrong to love somebody, but it’s wrong to put all the love in the world to one specific person and not leave any for yourself.

    That is very true. But, I can’t agree that putting yourself first is what matters most. You may have not meant it exactly like I heard it, but I think that is a recipe for unhappiness. The happiest people put others first, at least at some point in one’s life. I think it is an empty feeling to live just for oneself. All the best attributes of a human being are learned and experienced through connecting with other people. Self-respect, courage, enthusiasm, endurance…all are born from thinking of other’s with understanding. I really like your quote below.

    “Years are like theatrical films. Once you’re done watching one here comes another one.”
    – J. Luna, 2016

    Now I’m going over to u-Tube to check out Radiohead. Thanks for “turning me on” to them.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Ginene for appreciating this post. I’m really happy that you took the time to send me a very meaningful reply. You have a point about the unhappiness that it brings.

      I’ve been from a one-sided relationship recently and that felt really bad and traumatizing- but I’ve realized that most of it is my fault because I’ve never left any love for myself and that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve stopped reaching out to other people. I love you guys, hehe- I live and breathe for everybody. 🙂 ❤

      You're welcome for "turning you on", lol.

      – Jason Luna


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