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Life Lessons 101 | Be YOU 👦


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Why are we afraid to be ourselves?

There’s a lot of things that’s going on inside my mind right now, but something is dominating. I always ask myself, “who am I really?”. I can no longer remember the first time I took a stand for myself, or maybe I never did- but whatever.

I’m an ordinary person. A high school student who has average marks- average personality below average body. .

Ever since I was young I always get told that I’m too skinny to move around, and it made me weight-conscious. At school, I always get anxious during PE classes because my classmates always teases me that I might break if I run, jump, or dance; even at present. I’m always told that I’d look better if I’ll gain more weight. Sometimes I get called names- anorexic, clothes hanger, bones, stick… and the list goes on.

Me being skinny is my biggest insecurity. It made me compare myself to other people all the time- and it hurts. The anxiety grew and grew until I started insulting myself as well in front of other people. At first I thought it was fun, but eventually I realized that I’m just hurting myself. I hated myself. I’m afraid to tell people that I get really offended whenever they say something that I’m NOT and something that’s not within my control because my situation might get worse. I know that I should just be a good sport, but it’s really hard to cope with it especially if they’re doing it on purpose. I always end up comforting myself whenever I feel insulted and hurt. If only I were this or that maybe I wouldn’t experience all these terrors. Yeah right? I’m always frantic, unreasonable, and problematic.

Sometimes I think I’m just delusional and vain, but no- it’s really happening.


I know myself more than anyone,yes, but I’m also vulnerable.

For me, I’m afraid of being myself because I fear of being humiliated- but that fear doesn’t define who I really am and those will never slow me down. I might be different, but that’s the way I’m created. That’s the essence of diversity and I should be happy about that. I’m really grateful for what and where I am today. I’m loving myself more and more everyday because I know that there’s a whole lot of people who’ll appreciate and support  me through thick or thin. There’s so much to be thankful of: life, friends, family, and goals.

We all have insecurities, but that shouldn’t stop you. Don’t let it get in the way and don’t forget to “Be YOU”.

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Posted 11/13/2016 11:33PM

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