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What’s GOING On?#04 🎬


“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. ”
-Orson Welles

Semester break ends today.goodineverything.gif

Like usual, I have so much to reflect and to decide. There are a couple of things that I have to think of, especially now that it’s already the school’s second semester. 💖 Again, I have to set-up some goals for the months of November and December – and rethink my life. Some of the things that I look forward to are: 1. the new professors, 2. new lessons; and lastly 3. future plans / goals. 📕✏️

“Always find the good in everything.”

Setting new goals are hard enough y’know? As for me, I don’t like stressing myself much but I always tend to do so, ( coughs ). Right now I’m planning to make simpler goals; like walking/exercise every weekend mornings, focus on new hobbies, and force myself a little less. Yes, school’s important- but finding yourself and making yourself comfortable is mandatory.

loveLately, I’ve been striving so hard to get better marks on my report card. I’ve managed to get good grades, yes, but I always end up feeling worse afterwards- which made me suddenly think that I’m pushing myself way too hard that it makes me feel anxious and extremely worn out. I don’t despise school at all, and I’m quite certain that it’s only me who’s overdoing it. I’ll still do my best anyway, haha! 💛

The subjects for the second semester’s kinda NOT my thing- so I’m hoping that I’ll somehow pass those. 😰  I wish that ihopeitrains.gifthis second semester turns out to be better than the first. 😭

I’ve had so much fun during my semester break- and I’m so so excited for Christmas right now. I think I’ll be posting a lot about the Christmas in the Philippines and the things that I look forward to about it. That’ll definitely be FUN! Also, I might be able to take real pictures soon. Watch out! 😂

I haven’t been posting stuffs recently and it’s making me sad a little. I hope it rains tomorrow, haha! I’m asking for it. ☔️

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Posted 11/10/2016 8:05AM


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    1. I’ve always wanted to try working on post office. It must be awesome to deliver parcels to people, especially during Christmas season. Thank you very much for “posting” a comment- lol. Have a wonderful day, Paul. 🙂

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