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What’s GOING On?#03 🎬


Hello there, friends! Thank you so much for checking out my blog- and for the new members of the family, Welcome to our HOME! Yay! 😊

quote02.gifAt present, we’re currently 215 in total and it makes me 110% happy since I never expected  that our family will grow more and more each day. I don’t want this to be really dramatic, but really- I can’t thank you enough guys for making this month/year memorable for me.

As for now, I haven’t been able to post new contents because school’s approaching and our break is almost over. I had to check on other things aside from blogging before the semester starts again, and I’m thinking of selling stuffs- but the problem is I can’t think of anything aside from tools for calligraphy and my artworks. If you have any idea please feel free to comment down below. 😍

This year, my goal again is to be productive- and I have to do it this time.

Don’t get me wrong, okay? I don’t want to end everything just like that of course, hehe. There’s definitely more fun stuffs and inspiring things to be posted really soon. I hope that you’ll  stay tuned and will continue supporting me for what I love doing. 😂

Have a wonderful time, pal. I’ll see on on the next one.

Thank you very much for hanging out with me today and for reading this blog post.
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I’ll see you around! ♡

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Posted 11/06/2016 2:51AM

NOTE: This song makes me really happy and I had to share it with you guys. Have a wonderful time! /peace/. 🍨


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