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Life Lessons 101 | Only Temporarily 👌


“One can have many regrets in life, but they are temporary. There are lessons to learn from every mistake.”
-Jeev Milkha Singh


As I venture my own path I’ve encountered so much realizations about my life- about my perspective of the world- and my future. But you know what? The most memorable one is when I’ve realized that there’s no permanent thing that ever exists.

Life is a wonderful phenomenon where there’s something to happen with or without you.

Have you ever wondered what would the world become if you’ve never existed? What will happen if you’ve never met your friends at all? or something like what if you never confessed your feelings to the person who made your world upside-down but eventually turned you down? – because I do.

Well, you know- life’s temporary. Both living organisms and non-living objects have life spans. There’s only one thing that awaits us all in the end; and it’s called DEATH.

There’s no denying that feelings, material things, anger, lust, money, beauty, fame, relationships, love, memories, friends, and even words doesn’t stay forever- they all lasts. That is the exact reason why it is special. It’s like a song that has an intro, a chorus, and an outro. There’s a part where you begin, then a flow of events will take place in-between, then you die. Simple.

I remember the first time I read the quote, “Time heals all wounds”. At first I found it timeheals.giffunny and I was like, “/meh/- this is poop, this ain’t true…”, but eventually I’ve realized that it’s 100% accurate. I’m a naive person, and to be honest with you guys I just learned how to grow up- just a bit. I began to understand what it really meant when something related happened to me.

There are some instances where you and your friends got into some serious fight… saying hurtful and negative things about each other that are hard to forgive and words that aren’t supposed to be said and can’t be taken back. Then finally decided to end the hard-earned friendship in just a matter of seconds… I was there, a lot, and it scarred me psychologically big time. I was so hurt that I started avoiding everyone- no exception.

What happened to me next is that I moved on and I was happier than the person I was before. The process is you learn to forgive not just the other person but also yourself, and that’s it. You’ll forget it some time or sooner anyway.

The bottom line is- Everything exists, but only temporarily. We have a lot of chances and we must take them seriously to make “temporary” as something that’s worthwhile.

“Regret awaits those who wastes.”🙃

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Posted 11/04/2016 2:48AM


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