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What’s GOING On? #01 🎬


Hey you friends! 💩

As you guys know, it’s our school’s semester break. Yay!
To be honest with you it’s been rough so far, partially- I  guess?
like haha! Yes, there’s no classes, but at the same time there’s no money.
As a student (like myself) I always get cut-offs with school allowance/budget, especially
during times like this where I should be hanging-out somewhere with my best friendships and other people- like you know what I’m saying?

No homeworks, endless movie marathons, 3am lunch (left-overs), pulling a random all-nighter for anime- well duh? Just kidding, I’m trying to put on some weight.

Oh yeah, my grades weren’t half as bad as the last time, but I can’t say that they’re14825807_1194380310598515_875771029_n.jpg good enough. Ew. They’re still bad y’know! I won’t show you- wtf. Okay, nevermind. You win. I’ll just show you. I’m blurring a couple of things too, HA! Y’know.

I promised myself to do a better job during the second quarter, now see for yourself my 104 average. I even surprised my mother when I showed her this, or haven’t I, yet? I don’t know. I even surprised myself when I saw this. I swear. I’m just really happy right now because I know that we’re actually progressing.

Also, I’ve started making videos- but haven’t uploaded them yet on YouTube. I’m still trying to figure some things out- and I need a better camera. Please send some help. 😫

PS: Senior HS in the Philippines isn’t as bad as some think of it- although you have to study on your own now because you’re already mature enough to do so, and it’s mandatory for you to be more responsible with these kind of matter. Don’t you think? If you relate or something right? If you have anything to ask just comment down below. I’d be really happy if you’ll do so.

Hey dear, I’m also on Tumblr now @ www.lesrancid.tumblr.com

You know, I just can’t reblog things here- so I’ll do it there. Pinning, and spinning, and playing, /meh/ you know the drill.


Here’s my latest photo as well. Looking good yesterday- taking my report card like the king I am. HA! #fool 😂 Nah, I’m chill.

There’s not much going on right now, and I can clear everything to you. Hey! I also made a list of my favorite songs on the “My Tunes” tab on the Menu Bar. I’ve already put there some of my favorite J-POP songs and I’ll definitely update a whole lot more- like list of M/Vs and stuff- K-POP, American Music, Indie, ROCK, Pop- name it all. I just love you guys so so much- and thank you very much for staying.

Uh huh~I’ll be putting my latest favorite song far down below, check it out. Please? 😊

Thank you very much for hanging out with me today and for reading this blog post.
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I’ll see you around! ♡

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Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day!

Posted 10/28/2016 12:01AM


8 thoughts on “What’s GOING On? #01 🎬

  1. Please don’t forget to leave a comment down below. I’d love to hear your opinions and suggestions. Also, Click Follow to get my latest blog posts. See ya later!


  2. NOTE: Looking back at this post makes me feel really embarassed, lol. I can’t really stand myself when I write nonsense things, but hell yeah? Why not? 🙂


  3. It was very nice of you to follow me. I hope my little blog makes you smile now and again. Being a nice Cat I went straight to your blog and followed you. It looks like you know how to have fun!

    Have a great day,


    The Cat

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