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#Adventure: Senior HS and ME! 🍓


It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys. 

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

                                                     Hey! What’s up!?

giphyAs a student; it is my duty to study well, aim for high grades, and let education be my pursuit- but I won’t let it devour me.

Life’s an adventure. You’ll experience a lot of different things along the way, go through a lot of troubles, and will sometimes get the thought of giving up, (but don’t)- and it doesn’t end there.

watermelon.gifSenior High School isn’t as easy as it sounds. Basically, it isn’t high school anymore- except that the word “high school” still follows; but senior. The subjects aren’t as basic and easily understood; and it makes me anxious and complain to my mother a lot. I barely got time to rest, or even eat before going to bed because I’m way too crossed-out and dead tired every time I get home; and of course, I always get a very witty reply, lol. Not to sulk or anything, but what I despise most about SHS is that there’s so much expectation to us, and sometimes it isn’t even possible. Education is very important literally in all parts of the world, for everyone, especially in our present society where standards are very immeasurable.

( I’m losing weight, NOO!! )

What I like the most about SHS is that it isn’t college.

tumblr_n0c0b6wbFv1tosmsgo1_400I don’t know if I’m just assuming this or anything, but I’m quite certain that college-life is way more harder since SHS couldn’t get any less difficult. I’m crossing my fingers that that’s definitely that, haha! I heard that the next semester will be even worse than our current one and I’d be totally honest here that it’s making my cringe; and not just me- but the whole class. I think we’d be able to adjust anyway; so I’d rather be thankful than who whine- not everyone gets the opportunity to go to school so I’ll keep it that way.

What I’m thankful about SHS is that I’ve somehow changed perspective. I’ve learned how to become more positive; and in-general I’ve learned how to manage my time a little more. I’ll admit, yes, I’m also human and having a hard time settling things for once. Loads and loads of responsibilities, yet I can’t decide which one goes first. It’s just the beginning, and I’m sure that I’ll learn a whole lot more as the time went on.


Also, earlier today we’ve had a mock job interview at school. I’m not sure why I answered like that- I got completely lost out of control/context; burst out and brag about things, /meh/. It went well anyway, so I’m happy. Still, I looked stupid. A 2-week school break is approaching, yesss!

NOTE: I’m very sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I know! I’m not happy about that as well. PLDT, yes, can’t provide stable connection. There’s a temporary resolve as of now and I hope this one doesn’t lasts.

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Posted 10/17/2016 10:51PM


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