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The LAST Time: #Memoir ☘


What could be the worst thing that could happen to you?

For me there’s two. First, not doing the things that should’ve been done before  when the time is right; and second- being forgotten.

Not too long ago, I’ve encountered a poem about a mother’s love for her children. It talks about the what ifs, and dramas within a family that a mother endure- sacrifices, a change-of-heart, and a whole lot more troubles. There I’ve reflected that those chances doesn’t only apply to a mother; but also for everyone. I’ve cried so much after realizing a lot of things, the last times- the what ifs, and the dramas.

At some point of my existence, a beloved aunt of mine who used to take care of me when I was younger died without me by her side. Her death had put me in total grief where mourning can’t even ease the agony I’m feeling inside. A grudge grew deep inside of me, blaming myself endlessly, and wanting to disappear- but that wouldn’t solve a thing. I suddenly remembered the moment back then when everything was better and happy. Before she left she promised me that she’ll be back on my birthday, that she’s only be far away for a couple of days to try to recover from her ill-feeling. She bid “goodbye” without me knowing that that was the last of it that I’ll ever hear from her. The bad thing is I’ve never been able to say sorry for everything that I’ve done to her, especially because I’m one of her problem when she was still alive. I took her for granted, now I’m left with the dust.

  Another thing, a friend of mine in the province used to have a toy that looks like a cartoon character from a really good show. She played with her toy and sometimes she lend it to me for a whole day and then take it back before sunset. I really had something for that girl, but I never got enough courage to confess the things that should’ve been said.

One day, she lent me her toy again for the day to play. I planned on telling her that I love her and I have a crush on her. While playing with her toy I suddenly  got really tired and then I fell asleep for like 8 hours or so. When I woke up it was almost sunset. At first I wondered why she didn’t come to pick-up the toy, so, I rushed to her house, 3 block away from mine, and when I arrived I got surprised for what I’ve seen. Their house is empty as if it was abandoned. Our neighbors told me that she and her family went away to move during the afternoon to another place because of her father’s job. I regret the moments when we were together and I’ve never got the chance to tell her that I love her so much. I didn’t know, and I never knew that that would also be the last time she’d be lending that toy to me, but that time she didn’t lend me the toy- she gave it to me.

Last one, my beloved late-teacher, Ma’am Addun. I love my Home Economics teacher during 10th Grade so much because our vibes get along really well. She loves me as a student as well, so the feelings are mutual. A few months back when I was having trouble with my HS diploma- I always return to my previous high school to visit and check if there’s any progress to its process. Every time I’ve been to Mambugan NHS, I always see her either teaching the new students or roaming around the halls, and with that she never fails to smile back at me when I do, and waves with me with a smiling eye. I never knew that that was also the last time I see her living. I never got  to tell her that she’d helped me a lot, and thank her that without her being a part of my JHS it could’ve been hanging. I regret not telling her everything that should’ve been said. It’s really sad that she’s gone to a better place now.

The bottom-line here is do whatever you can do now. Tell your parents your love them, your family, your crush, your teachers, your friends, and even your pet. You’ll never know when’s the last time you’ll ever tell them those words. Carpe Diem! and not #YOLO. Live your life the way it should be lived. Be positive, be happy, be loving, caring.
Do the things you’ve never done before, because like I’ve said before… You’ll never know when’s the last time.

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Posted 10/06/2016 02:45AM


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