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NOT SO FORMAL! #Blogging 🌾


“The first time you do a thing is always EXCITING!”.
-Agatha Christie

Hey guys! 🎋 Another day, another blog post! Blogging has always been a part of me ever since. My passion for sharing things that other people doesn’t really care about. Posting pictures that everybody ignores, not getting the spotlight no matter what, continuous and repeated sulking like this on the internet, lol. Let’s be practical. I love it either way.

Oh yeah, it all began one summer; let’s put it at 11:37PM on the 7th day of April during icons.gif2009. On the middle of the night where everyone’s busy watching a regular TV drama; I was there on the corner using my older brother’s computer (as usual) checking on things on Pixiv and Facebook, when suddenly a friend of mine invited me to join a blogging site, which is Tumblr. Facebook wasn’t that much of what you call “progressive” at that time, and the internet from back then sucks AF where you can’t even fully load a single movie even after an hour. I used to stream a lot of episodes of my favorite anime before but I can’t because the internet was very limited and an MB is what you call “fast”. I remember, I used to fight with my siblings whenever one watches YouTube while I was playing an online game. Oh, good times. 👸🏻

 By the way, Tumblr is an open blogging platform for aspiring bloggers, it’s free, so you’ll love it. 🎒

wordpressWordPress is my latest most favorite thing, why? Because I love to blog. Like I’ve said earlier, sharing is my thing even when nobody likes or cares of what I’m sharing or whatsoever. This is an obsession, and I’m certain that once you started doing this you’ll never see things the way they were before.
“Blogging is good, blogging is life.”
What I like about blogging is that you’ll learn a lot of things and you’ll become more aware of what’s happening around you. For example, you’ve been very interested in cooking. Your passion for cooking inspires you so much that it makes you feel the need to apply it and share it to others. Blogging can help you let other people know  you recipes, techniques for cooking, and further knowledge about what you’re doing as of currently. If you’re that type of person who loves to let other people know what you’re up to; like Vlogging /ehem/; then why not share it to the world to let them know that you share things about your lifestyle.

Another thing I like about blogging is the theme, the art, and the mood. Creativity is also applied in blogging, and of course on every blog there’s always a story behind it of why it’s created and who created it.

Blogging is not just another word, nor a social status. It’s an alternative lifestyle that you can choose where you can start writing favors for yourself, for other people, and for the world to see. Remember, if you’re not going to do it, then there’s somebody else who’ll do it for you. The world is bigger than you’ll ever know. Take the stand for yourself. Blog and live a better and happy life. It worked for me, maybe for you too.  💝

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Posted 10/05/2016 09:10PM


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