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Me Gusta 101: Learning 🎒


One of the things that I love doing the most is studying, but at the same time it’s actually the worst thing that I can think of doing during the day; and night of course. Just like you I get tired, bored, or whatsoever whenever I read textbooks and references. According to recent researches, children’s love for literature boosted-up because of the free e-learning/online novel, comics, and manga webpages.

Using myself and my group of friends as an example. Most of them prefer reading physical book; or what so called tbookieshe “hardbound books” rather than the eBooks that are available everywhere. But what prevents these people from learning? The price of course. Books aren’t free y’know? Physical books can be borrowed from local and school libraries, but owning a novel created by your favorite author means something else. Earlier today, I’ve asked my friend what’s the problem on our local libraries; and she answered, “Libraries only have either classic books, books that are centuries old, references, and boring books”. Well, we can’t deny that. As for my reply, here’s the answer.

Learning doesn’t need to be expensive. Education should be free, and here comes the internet. Internet is an open-source where people can give and take various information; be it from a video, from a blog post, scanned documents, slideshow presentations, and etc.

As for learning, studying, and knowing new stuffs, I’ve looked up for different web sources where you can take exams, quizzeskhan, and review for your upcoming tests. If you’re within the lower grades (like if you’re in Junior High School and Senior HS like me) you can use Khan Academy. My sister used to play with this online source and learn science facts about outer space and make fun of me. Well, your happy days are over, girl. She stopped going here since she started reading her books. I once tried it too and it’s actually surprising that it helped me pass my exam (Most of my NCAEs). What made me stop on going to KA is that I forgot my password, and the e-mail address my aunt registered for this. Well sorry, my memory isn’t that sharp.#YouCanLearnAnything

Learn more about KhanAcademy by clicking this link right here. —–> (link)

Next one is Zookal. zookalI’ve heard of Zookal from Lloyd Cafe Cadena from YouTube (Yes, plugging here) where he made a video about what happens during exams. The video was so darn hilarious, you should look for it.

Zookal was created by university students in Australia in 2011. After personally experiencing the pain of expensive textbooks, the founders decided that they would create a better option for students. Here was born the idea of textbook rental, allowing students to save up to 70% off on their required course materials – saving students hundreds and even thousands of dollars throughout their degree.
Having started the company to positively impact the lives of university students and quickly grown to serve hundreds of thousands of students in Australia, the founders have now dreamed of even bigger goals — leveraging technology to enhance the modern university experience for students. Zookal’s new video platform will allow university students thorughout Asia to share knowledge and discover the supplementary educational resources they need to learn faster and be more successful.

I’m not that much familiar with Zookal, but I heard it isn’t that “free” since you have to pay for some features, same goes with KA, but either way I recommend these applications.

Yes! About that, KA and Zookal both have mobile apps that you can check out on the Play Store for Android users, and Apps Store for iOS users. These are both good references if you’re having a hard time with your lessons in school.

Please visit both websites and see what works for you best. I love you!

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Posted 10/05/2016 07:00PM


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