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🍍Badly Infected by ART: Reloaded🍍


20e55d708d656dd709ecddd0a7a1e66d.jpgEvery once in a while, I reflect to myself if I’ve ever gotten any better on things that I do; whether it’s drawing, painting, shooting videos, talking/speaking, reciting, reading, photography, editing, and whatsoever. It helps me in many ways especially whenever I feel down and frustrated. A lot of time (not to feed my pride) people praise my artworks and editing skills. They give positive comments on photos that I’ve edited, created, and shared. I feel blessed of course, why? Everything pays off no matter how good or bad your works are. Reckoning, people often appreciate your efforts no matter what; and that is when you begin to appreciate and recognize your own efforts and capabilities.

Keeping my promise to do the #BLOGPostChallenge, I’ll be posting this to commemorate my own recognition of my own abilities. /ehem/

DISCLAIMER: I’m not bragging or anything, lol. Please keep your cool.

Recently, I’ve been very fascinated by photography. I’ve never been this much addicted to it020415-shaira_mainphoto until 11th Grade, and that is actually “now”. Shaira Luna (Yup, same last name) made me realize that I’ve been missing a lot of things in my life. Fashion photography, dramatic photography, candid, landscape, self-portrait, and etc… I’ve never known that taking pictures requires a lot of stress, hardships and sacrifices. It’s art, it’s me, and I love it! Little did I know, Shaira was the little girl from a not so long ago local TVC (Promil). She’s just like me, and I’m just like her. We’re both awesome sauces, lol. Jokes aside, we’re both passionate about ART and both are willing to reconsider academics for the sake of it.

There’s also a problem, I may be in-love with photography; but I’m way too poor to buy the things that I need. Be it a decent camera, my own computer, and things that I need. I know, I know (I’m not sulking or anything /throws a tantrum/), but I’m less fortunate than everybody else. My aspiration in photography doesn’t end there though /HAHA!/ Jokes on you. I know that some time, or some day? I might gain enough money to buy myself that sweet-ass thing. Yup, (who knows?) and begin professional work. I’ll see you there!

A valid proof that I’m madly in-love with photography, and that I’m good at it is my Instagram account. Here the link: – – – – > (@thatjjcarr). I know I have a lot to learn, but at least for now I know what I love to do. Let’s be proud of me, shall we? I have a gift for you for reaching this far, ta da!


Meh, just kidding. I love you! 🙂

NOTE: I’m also good at drawing and Photoshop. I’d be selling paintings soon. Beware!

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Posted 10/03/2016 05:55AM


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