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Me Gusta 101: Cameras



The most basic stereotype about artists is that they are ONLY focused on a specific medium where they’re good at. Like for example; Given an artist who loves to paint with oil and does landscapes. Others tend to think that that painter only paints with oil and no other medium after that. It doesn’t STOP there, lol. Well, jokes on them. As an artist myself I’ve tried a lot of mediums even from back then. From charcoal pencils, acrylics, and watercolors down to learning digital art, video editing and sometimes photography.

So why  photography?

I really love pretty pictures of plants and flower, nature, people and places. It is very undeniable since everyone does as well, right? I love photography because it captures something that paintings and drawings couldn’t. Painting and photography are two very different subjects and each of them has different effects and impacts to the person who’s looking at them. Of course I love both.

I thought that I want to share to you guys the cameras that I’d love to have someday. As of right now I don’t have my own and my phone’s camera sucks. I’m trying to save up enough money so that I can buy at least a decent one for my future contents that’ll soon to arrive. I’ve also asked my friend Alex if she can lend me hers for the time being since she told me that she has one that she wasn’t  been using for a while now. Back then, we have this Nikon Coolpix Point-and-Shoot camera. The photos it produces are quite good but the videos are far from being decent. Oh my goodness, this getting way too boring. Long story short, I want a camera. Without further ado let’s started.


First up is SAMSUNG NX MINI in Spring Mint.
I liked this camera because of its color and the positive feedback on this device. It’s price is just and you can clearly see quality on this one. I’ve looked up yesterday for sample photos but I won’t be posting some because it’ll somehow destroy my formatting.nxminispecs.png Please click here instead if you’d like to see the sample photos. The reviews on YouTube were all positive and that’s definitely a good sign and it is also rated 5.0/5.0 on Samsung’s official website. What I like the most about this camera is the flip screen. I’ve always been fascinated with flip screens on camcorders and I think that’ll be much of help when you’re going to take decent photos for selfies and for recording yourself. Also, it is said to have a decent flash and microphone so an additional might not be necessary, and its lens are interchangeable.



Second is Canon T3I. Most YouTubers use this camera
to record their very professional looking and badass videos. What I really liked about this device it that it isn’t that big but it’s not that small. Yes, the bulkiness is obvious but that doesn’t matter at canont3ispecsall. I’ve seen this at the mall before and I’m very
impressed on how it looks. It’s appearance is really solid and definitely  top quality. I really want to get my hands on it very soon and not to mention I’m really envious of other people who has this. iJustine of YouTube reviewed and unboxed this big boy. She also mentioned in the video that she loves this camera and she uses the T3I on most of her videos as wel. It’s the predecessor of the Canon T5I (also a good camera) and they actually look the same, except that T3I has a lot more to offer since it’s the later version. It is a DSLR camera and I’m very certain that the photo’s are top quality too so I won’t have to put sample images. Thank you very much for your kindness and consideration.

Third one is SAMSUNG’s NX 3300.  I’ve seen this hidden treasure around YouTube as well. The stylish look and the add-on external flash reminds me of a vintage lomo camera. NX 3300’s lens are also interchangeable so that’s also a big check mark. What I like the most about this camera is that it looks similar with the NX Mini version,nx3300specs.png except that it’s quite bulkier. This edition also has a flip screen but it doesn’t have much color options for the model itself. I really like colors on things since that boosts and adds my creativity and morale. Yes, I’m exaggerating again, so be it. Another thing this about this camera is that it has 20.30MP
resolution. Also similar to the Mini version which has 20.5MP. It is the upgraded version of NX 3000 with just minor differences. The difference could be the resolution, design or firmware stuffs.


And lastly, the very popular Canon G7X.

I really want to have this Vlogging camera because of the YouTuber Casey Neistat. I really like how he makes his videos and how high-quality his contents are. The design of this camera is very canont3ispecs.pngclassy and it also said to be the “Best Vlogging/Blogging” camera around. Though it’s really expensive the price you pay is the features you get. The reviews I’ve seen so far were all positive and I’m very certain that all of them are very accurate, especially when Casey said it. I haven’t looked up the Mark II yet but I think that that is way more better than the first one, but since I’m not that much picky I’d prefer having the older version instead. Another thing is it’s small. My hands aren’t that big and not too small too, but I always choose the safer side/ miniature stuffs because they easily fit in my hands (if you know what I mean, lol). The build looks very solid so I think this is very very durable.

I hope I can save enough money to buy at least one of these for the time being.
(Ehem! Samsung NX Mini: 9-27mm)

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if all  of my researches are 100% accurate but it’s mostly my personal opinion. I’d still advice you to look them yourselves if you’re somehow interested to them like me.
Prices vary depending on where you’d buy them so I didn’t included it on the list.

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Posted 09/04/2016 03:54PM

EDIT: Credits to http://www.imaging-resource.com/


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