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The Ultimate Dare! #challenge


I’m not really a person who digs #challenges
but for good grades I’m willing to do it. Yes, it’s something school-related and I’m actually excited about this one because I think it’s really cool and I’m quite good at it on some circumstances. The second quarter of the semester has begun and so does our new topics in different subjects. Reports, reports, reports and reports. It is something that relates to why I made this blog.

So, How it began?

One day everything wasn’t as perfect as it should be. The sun is out but it’s kinda foggy.
Our English teacher, Ms. Noreen Gallardo, told us that there’s something that we MUST do and it is to make a BLOG! So what’s a blog?
Short story long, a blog is an updated website where the authors aren’t talking in a very formal manner like they’re talking to you behind a screen. Exactly the way you’re reading right now. For me, making your own blog can somehow relieve the stress that you’re currently on because you can put entries about it and ask different people for solutions and guidance aside from the support you get from your peers and family. Of course, when you’re blogging you don’t have to focus on the negatives hence you MUST be optimistic and see the endless possibilities.

Let the glitters of your imagination take you away to paradise.

Okay, let me continue the story. So, I looked forward to making the blog and by the time I got home that day I immediately created my blog. Since our teacher gave us two (2) options whether we use Blogger or WordPress it’s fine. I chose WordPress because of different reasons. I’m originally from Blogspot and my experience there wasn’t half as good as when I was on Tumblr. I know I’m being bias here, but I based it from my own experience so, shatap ka nalang. Next to that is because I’m more familiar with WP’s interface. Blogspot’s editing tools are really outdated and about that I sometimes don’t get the commands that are available in there because to be honest with you guys I can barely understand customization. Though Blogspot’s really nice it’s really my choice to choose which one and for unknown reasons WP’s definitely what suits me better . 🌠
Ms. Noreen gave us a 15 item list where we’re suppose to complete before the second quarter ends, and here it is.

I kinda think that it’ll be nicer if I make the list cuter-ish. Cute things makes me keep going and I know I’m not alone in the world. (Comment down below if you’re like me.)

DISCLAIMER: The editing is mine but most the textures and paintings are from the internet. Credits to the original owners of what they own here.


We MUST complete this 15 item #challenge and submit it before the exam.
I need to complete all of these ASAP since I have to review for other subjects and do other stuffs and I hope you guys can help me with it. I need you!

What makes me look forward to this is the fact that I have 3 topics I can put that aren’t within the criteria. That’s really nice. Whatever floats my goat.
I really want to make this experience unforgettable and I might make it my full-time job too if I really enjoyed it and if this BOOMS! I happen to see a page the other day about monetizing your WordPress via AdSense by Google and it’s really interesting because it involves money, and that’s the best thing about that. Who doesn’t like money anyway?  I don’t even have money. So I’ve read the article and found out that all you need is attention. It’s not that easy to get attention especially with this type of interest. This could be really hard, but there’s no hard job when you love it.

I hope you’ll give me your support and love and everything to keep me going.
I got my hopes on you. Please don’t let me down, hehe. ‘love you.

Thank you very much for stopping by and for reading this blog post.
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I’ll see you around! ♡

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Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day!

Posted 09/04/2016 01:03AM


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