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#Nature: My Strange Addiction ☄

  The Fern

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Recently, I’ve been devoured by the stunning beauty of watercolor art and nature; combined. Everybody has their like and dislike and of course I’ll never be an exception. As you can observe, my art-style and my artworks are pretty much composed by nature, pastels and natural tones, but today is something different.  This is very life-changing, yes, because I found out that I’m NOT just into succulent plant anymore but also FERNS.

meh, I lied.

Hours and hours of surfing around the web and millions of scrolling and thinking I’ve finally come to my consciousness to post something about my not-so-unique interest. Uh-huh!
It’s actually not anything NEW since I’m really into plants ever since like forever? and I’m very proud to say that I once had a collection before and also kept a variety of actual/true-to-life ferns as bookmarks (and leaves from America). If you didn’t know, I’m from Philippines. I’ve been here my whole life and I’d say I’m a very curious person especially when it’s about plants. I’m also very much aware that I don’t have a  what so called a “green-thumb”, and the place where I’m currently residing at we don’t get much soil so we can’t actually plant even if we want to.

Planting is a DREAM for me if it isn’t obvious.

So what about FERNS?
According to my research:
Ferns are literally my second MOST favorite plant in the world even if it doesn’t bloom.
The simplicity, the texture, and also the color. There’s a lot of types of this plant, and what I mean about “a lot” is it’s endless. What I like the most about ferns is that they’re all pretty no matter what form they are and I am very much certain that is its best characteristic. It blends very well with almost any type of home. Just put a bunch of them in a jar with cool water and they’re good for display. Yes! That simple.

Here’s a good example of ferns on terrariums.

Source: link

And below are my most favorite watercolor artworks of ferns.
They’re all scattered around Pinterest and Google. Like they’re literally everywhere, just keep your keen eyes open.

(Click the photos below to see the slideshow)


Credits to the original creator/s of these paintings.

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I’ll see you around! ♡

Posted 09/01/2016 09:23PM 


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