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🌠 #Blogging: Doing some “PROGRESS”



lesrancid.pngBlogging is really addictive and really fun to do.
Scrolling down through different webpages earlier this morning I’ve seen quite a lot of awesome lifestyle blogs where they post incredible photos of DIYs, cats, their families, food and travel. I’ve come to realize, “Why mine isn’t as good as them? yet.” They have all these different colors, but mostly white,  and as I’ve hover more I’ve come to know what was I missing. A template. Templates for your posts makes a big difference for your contents. It adds up certain elements and can pull interests if made correctly. Like, why would I even bother looking at boring posts when I can look at awesome ones? Not to be mean but let’s face it, it’s the REALITY.

Instead of wasting my time looking at boring posts scattered around my social media account (Facebook, ehem!) I, without further ado, started creating my own template for my future posts. How good is that? ☺

Not to mention I’m quite aware of Adobe Photoshop’s functions; and together with my power of creativity and pabebeness I’ve successfully created one. I know that it isn’t that good and badass-looking as of NOW but I promise to create something better as we tag along.

Processes used: Overlay, overlay, Multiply, Liquify, etc… You’ll know it so it doesn’t matter.
(Feel free to ask questions, hehe.)

Here’s the one with a caption “My NOOB Photoshop Skills”.
NOTE: Credits to the original owners of the photos I’ve used with this project.

credits to the original owner of the photos I’ve used.

And the finished one.
PS: Don’t copy or repost or anything without my consent and my watermark, I’ll hunt you down and I’ll kill you.
I swear to that.
You can see that there are tons of of girly stuff included in this photo, but meh. I don’t care. It’s my style. Deal with it. My advice is to never overdo the artwork, take this as an example. I’m also the type of person who doesn’t like too loud artworks or things but I’ll admit that I have stacks and stacks of things that aren’t organized above my table right now, too. I’m not an OC person but too much is never enough. Equilibrium is mandatory.

EDIT: This is the finished product. After finishing the illustration I thought that it’s too washed-out so I’ve decided to adjust the color more and it turned out better. I can’t show you the photo of the before and after since I’ve already overwrote the file.


Thank you very much for stopping by and for reading this blog post.
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I’ll see you around! ♡

Posted 09/01/2016 09:27AM


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